Manchester United – EPL Manager Stats – Part 2


Following up from Part 1 in this series, the focus of this post would be United manager performance against top 6 clubs in EPL.

Manager Results against Top 6

If you consider the win + draw percentage for each manager against the top 6 clubs, you’d see that Van Gaal has delivered the best results, followed by Sir Alex and Solskjaer. However, Sir Alex takes top spot in percentage of games won beating Van Gaal with a small margin of 1%.

Other interesting stats –

Moyes has the highest losses (~60%) and lowest wins (~10%).

Solskjaer has the highest number of draws (~43%) which is also almost double the lowest number of draws.

Moyes and Mourinho are the only managers to have lost more games against top 6 than they have won or drawn.

Let’s break this down by each opponent to see how the managers have performed against them.

Manager Results against Arsenal

Moyes has not lost against Arsenal whereas Solskjaer has not won against Arsenal.

Mourinho has the lowest losses against Arsenal.

Van Gaal and Moyes have the highest wins against Arsenal.

Manager Results against Chelsea

Solskjaer has not lost against Chelsea.

Van Gaal and Moyes have not won against Chelsea.

Van Gaal has the lowest loss and highest draws against Chelsea.

Mourinho and Solskjaer have got the highest wins against Chelsea.

Manager Results against Manchester City

Moyes has lost all games against City.

Solskjaer has got the highest wins against City.

Mourinho has lost more games against City than his wins and draws put together.

Manager Results against Liverpool

Moyes has lost all games against Liverpool.

Solskjaer has not won against Liverpool and has the highest draws.

Van Gaal has won all games against Liverpool.

Manager Results against Tottenham Hotspurs

Sir Alex has the highest win and lowest losses against Spurs.

Moyes has not won against Spurs.

Van Gaal and Solskjaer’s results against Spurs are exactly the same.

More interesting stats

Sir Alex has the least number of wins against Chelsea and lowest draws against City and Liverpool (compared to his own record against top 6).

Moyes has the worst record against top 6. (1W – 3D – 6L)

Solskjaer has the best record against Chelsea compared to other managers.

Van Gaal has the best record against Liverpool compared to other managers.

One of the clubs that Mourinho has the highest losses against as a manager is *drumroll* Spurs (how ironic!).


EPL Data extracted from –

Analysis done using pandas and NumPy on Jupyter Notebook

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